Growing in sewing


Coco Puffs

Forgive me for my long absence. I have been much more interested in the creating and sewing parts than that of sharing my makes. I am in the midst of sewing my summer wardrobe (I have already made three bathing suits) and thought I better update the blog with what I have made during winter/spring before I show you those things.

I’m starting out with this Coco I made way back in early fall. I wore it for my nephews birthday party in October and after losing some weight since then it doesn’t fit that great anymore. So it’s kind of old news by now but I still like it a lot so maybe I will get around to taking it in some day.

The pattern is Coco from Tilly and the Buttons; the dress variation with a cowl neckline. This is a really fast and satisfying pattern to make. I have made it up three times now I think and the last time it took 1-2 hours from start to finish. I love how comfy and retro it is too.

I didn’t really know about Ponte de Roma fabric before I bought this pattern and went to Stoff & Stil to find some. After a while I found a bolt of this blue loveliness and it said “Ponte de Roma” on the tag. When I got home and looked at the receipt it was called something else (can’t remember what now) and you can’t find it on their website if you search for Ponte. Strange.

I also got a grey version of the same kind of fabric that I had planned to make a long-sleeved Coco top out of but it randomly resulted in this instead.

In this picture you can see my mistake of putting in the cowl neck wrong, I couldn’t really tell the back from the front I guess and so I ended up with a seam in the front. Luckily, the fabric hides it pretty well.

I love these boots and if anyone is wondering they are from Green Laces.


Underneath it All

I have noticed two big trends in the sewing blog community lately, jeans and bras. I don’t know in what world I would be called trendy but I have been joining in on both trends. I’ll get to the jeans in another post.

I stumbled upon Cloth Habit a few weeks ago and was so amazed at all her lovely lingerie and clothes that I read every post. It was such a happy coincidence that I found it around the time Amy released her first bra pattern. The strange thing is that I hate wearing bras (especially with underwires, ugh) so it was even more awesome to me that The Watson is a soft bra. I realised pretty quickly that I needed a few supplies to get started, and soon after that I found out that there aren’t that many suppliers at all here in Sweden. Then I found B. Wear which seemed like a good fit since I was after a bra kit and some elastics and lace. I placed my order and waited patiently for my delivery to arrive.
I got a limited edition bra kit and a matching panty kit. I just fell in love with this lovely jersey from Strömming Design and thought the retro print would be perfect for the longline version of Watson. I made matching panties too but they were in the wash when i was taking photos (oops). They are really comfy. I haven’t worn the bra much yet but plan on wearing it as lounge wear when the temperature rises.
I’m not a big fan of the hooks and eyes on bras and for my next version I plan on trying to make it work without them. I used the elastics, straps and power mesh from the kit I got and decided to interface the cradle. Luckily I was sewing this at my parents house and my mom had stretch interfacing.
I used a turquoise thread I got from B.Wear too that was supposed be extra fine for lingerie.
This is the first set that I made as a toile. I forgot to buy black lining for the bra and felt that it was necessary in the cups so I used some bathing suit lining that I bought instead. Worked fine!
I wish I hade hidden the seams of the cups in the lining though for a cleaner finish.
This wasn’t the first bra that I have made (if you count bathing suits), and speaking of bathing suits, here is my Soma (Papercut Patterns) bathing suit that I made in like October and never blogged about:
Bras and bikinis are so much fun to sew! I loved the “how did that happen” feeling when I finished the top and all the seams were hidden in the lining. Magic!
IMG_9233 IMG_9234
The problem with the bottoms was that I ran out of lining fabric and had to use two layers of swimsuit fabric. Not a good idea! I will have to make a new pair for the summer. By the way, the green triangles are not in the pattern, I added them to go with the triangle in the top.
Today was finally a sunny weekend day so I could take some pictures of my recent makes at last. I am hoping that I can turn those pictures into more posts real soon. I also have a mini challenge for myself for March that I am hoping will turn out good. Stay tuned.

Have you made a Watson or a Soma?


Cherry pickin’

When I was getting my new sewing room in order last week I found a dress that I bought last summer at a second hand store. I never got around to redesigning it then so when I found it I was excited to finally get to work. It’s easier to redesign a long dress into a short one since there’s more fabric to work with. This dress was especially good because it didn’t have many seams or other “extras” that are hard to work with. I didn’t have any zipper and didn’t want the struggle that always occurs when I am sewing on a zipper so I came up with the idea to use a cut-out in the back with a button and an elastic waste instead.

So this was what the dress looked like before:

Not really flattering, certainly not on me. But I really like the fabric.

So this is what I did:

I started by taking a dress (from Indiska) that fits me well and has a good length and placed it next to the cherry dress to mark where I should cut to get the skirt a good length.

I cut straight across the skirt. I then used this skirt as a pattern to cut out a copy out of black fabric for the lining. I sewed it together at the sides. Then I sewed the two skirts together at the top and sewed a seam around to make a tunnel and added elastic.

Using my “good dress” again I traced a pattern of the front and back bodice adding darts where needed. For the back I drew a half-circle to the pattern that would make out the cut-out in the back.

I cut out the front and back bodice pieces from the lining fabric.

For the back I sewed around the half-circle, the armpit and the neck leaving the sides, strap and bottom open.

On one of the back pieces I made a loop for the button and placed this in between the two fabrics when sewing together.

This is where I got caught up in the sewing and forgot to take pictures of the process. Leave a comment if you want more details. What I did was sew the bodice together and tried it on several times to make adjustments so it fit well. Then I sewed on the skirt to the bodice and added a button to the back. Done!

The finished dress

And here are some pictures of the dress (and me) that my boyfriend took, thank you P!

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It took a little time… to get to me

I’m finally back! After a long year of waaaay too much work and not ANY sewing I’m super excited to start sewing and blogging again. I have lots of new projects in the works that I want to share!

To start with I’ve moved and have gotten to redo my sewing room. But it’s not completely done yet but I’ll post about it soon. I’m just waiting for something to come in the mail so I can finish the latest touch ups.

If anyone remembers I left a big cliff-hanger in my last post. Well I finally finished that project this week and here it is:

Retro Jacket

I found the fabric in a second hand store and used a pattern in Burda Easy Fashion E973 from 2008. In the magazine they made it out of a fleece fabric so it was a bit difficult to adapt to the fabric I was using. One of the reasons it took a year (!!) to finish.

Speaking of Burda, I started my vacation today and what better way to start out by looking through these:


I’ve also been checking out Craftgawker a lot. So great for inspiration!