Growing in sewing

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Darling Lorraine

Processed with MoldivI was feeling adventurous last week and while looking at my fabric stash I grabbed an orange chiffon I bought one or two summers ago and said to myself “why not?”. I have this black sleeveless dress shirt in chiffon (below) that I really like so I found that in my closet and decided to copy it.

Processed with MoldivThis model of shirt was perfect for copying since it’s loose and has a lot of straight lines. I just pinned down the garment to my pattern paper and traced the outlines. A year ago I had never made this kind of collar and placket, but I have made three shirts for my boyfriend since then and am now much more familiar with the process.

Processed with MoldivI was surprised at how easy the chiffon was to work with. I used a walking foot and a small stitch length. I also chose to do french seams to make the inside look more professional.

Processed with MoldivWhen I was done and put the shirt on my mannequin I kept going in to my sewing room just to look at it, I kind of couldn’t believe that I made it. I guess that means that I’m really pleased with the result.

Now I am off to make another one in a cotton fabric!