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Underneath it All

I have noticed two big trends in the sewing blog community lately, jeans and bras. I don’t know in what world I would be called trendy but I have been joining in on both trends. I’ll get to the jeans in another post.

I stumbled upon Cloth Habit a few weeks ago and was so amazed at all her lovely lingerie and clothes that I read every post. It was such a happy coincidence that I found it around the time Amy released her first bra pattern. The strange thing is that I hate wearing bras (especially with underwires, ugh) so it was even more awesome to me that The Watson is a soft bra. I realised pretty quickly that I needed a few supplies to get started, and soon after that I found out that there aren’t that many suppliers at all here in Sweden. Then I found B. Wear which seemed like a good fit since I was after a bra kit and some elastics and lace. I placed my order and waited patiently for my delivery to arrive.
I got a limited edition bra kit and a matching panty kit. I just fell in love with this lovely jersey from Strömming Design and thought the retro print would be perfect for the longline version of Watson. I made matching panties too but they were in the wash when i was taking photos (oops). They are really comfy. I haven’t worn the bra much yet but plan on wearing it as lounge wear when the temperature rises.
I’m not a big fan of the hooks and eyes on bras and for my next version I plan on trying to make it work without them. I used the elastics, straps and power mesh from the kit I got and decided to interface the cradle. Luckily I was sewing this at my parents house and my mom had stretch interfacing.
I used a turquoise thread I got from B.Wear too that was supposed be extra fine for lingerie.
This is the first set that I made as a toile. I forgot to buy black lining for the bra and felt that it was necessary in the cups so I used some bathing suit lining that I bought instead. Worked fine!
I wish I hade hidden the seams of the cups in the lining though for a cleaner finish.
This wasn’t the first bra that I have made (if you count bathing suits), and speaking of bathing suits, here is my Soma (Papercut Patterns) bathing suit that I made in like October and never blogged about:
Bras and bikinis are so much fun to sew! I loved the “how did that happen” feeling when I finished the top and all the seams were hidden in the lining. Magic!
IMG_9233 IMG_9234
The problem with the bottoms was that I ran out of lining fabric and had to use two layers of swimsuit fabric. Not a good idea! I will have to make a new pair for the summer. By the way, the green triangles are not in the pattern, I added them to go with the triangle in the top.
Today was finally a sunny weekend day so I could take some pictures of my recent makes at last. I am hoping that I can turn those pictures into more posts real soon. I also have a mini challenge for myself for March that I am hoping will turn out good. Stay tuned.

Have you made a Watson or a Soma?