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Jeans and Lindens and a Bruyère

This morning I woke up to the sound of thunder, a clear sign that the temperature is going up. So this is my final post of old projects that I haven’t gotten around blogging about until now. Stay tuned for summer attire!

Bruyère Shirt Bruyère Shirt

Let’s start with the Bruyère from Deer & Doe. I knew I wanted to make this shirt from the first time I saw it, I love the shape and look. Sometime this autumn I placed a rather large order from, it may or may not have all started from my need for this exact fabric. Burgundy Chambray with dots, I had to have it when I found it and was not disappointed when I finally got it in the mail. It was one of those fabrics that you just have to look at and feel several times a day for weeks before you dare cut into it. Or is it only me that does that?

Bruyère shirtFor this project I was lucky enough to get expert advice from my mother. This was the project I made for the sewing weekend my mom and sister and I had to celebrate my birthday (which means this shirt is 6 months old now, yeez). I made a toile of the upper front and back and Mom helped me make some adjustments, mostly in the back. Bruyère shirt Bruyère shirtThe weekend sewing was a great way to really concentrate on one project and go through all the steps with precision. All the work paid off and this is my most advanced sew yet as well as my favorite garment of 2014.
Bruyère shirtBy the way, sorry for the different colors in these photos!
Linden Sweatshirttyg petrol m moln borstadMoving on to some Lindens and some jeans! Last year I got absolutely addicted to sewing jeans. I felt like there was something missing anytime I didn’t have any denim fabric or golden topstitching thread in my machine. These are the first of several pairs I have made since then. It all started one night when I was at a member night at Stoff & Stil. They had a lovely fashion show and mingling and stuff but in all honestly I just went to have all that extra time browsing through all the fabrics. I can’t remember if I bought the denim or the pattern first but they both went home with me that night. This is the pattern and I don’t know about the fabric but I wouldn’t recommend it anyway (more about that later). The great thing about Stoff & Stil patterns is that they are already cut out in your size on fabric-like paper so you save a lot of time. The not so great thing is that you have to buy every size separately and can’t easily grade between sizes. Also, the pattern pieces aren’t marked so if you have a pattern with many pieces you have to spend some time marking them up correctly.

Linden Sweatshirttyg petrol m moln borstadThe reason I wouldn’t recommend this denim is that it bagged out a LOT after some wear. When I first made them they were slim fit and were pretty snug, now they are more like boyfriend or baggy jeans.
This fall was also the season of loads of Lindens from Grainline Studios. This is a really easy raglan sweater pattern that you can whip up in a night or two. This version is made out of this organic sweatshirt fabric.
Linden Sweatshirttyg petrol m moln borstadAfter my first pair of jeans I wanted to try to make some stretch jeans.
Birch Organic Acorn LindenI got the fabric on my trip to Copenhagen, also from Stoff & Stil. This fabric was so much better though, although I don’t love the color. The pattern was from Ottobre number 5/2014 and worked out really great. I did adjust the waistband by adding a few centimeters (my waist is not proportionate to my hips) of length. This was needed so I could even button the jeans. I ended up adding an extra button too that ended up giving the jeans a more secure feel up top.
Birch Organic Acorn LindenThe sweater is another Linden in a fabric also from It seams to be sold out now but it is a Birch Organic Trail Knit similar to this. I bought this fabric to make t-shirt like tops but when I received it and felt it I decided it was more suited for a sweater. I made a T-shirt for P in another Birch fabric and that worked out but they aren’t the kind of knits that work for my t-shirts.
Birch Organic Acorn LindenMy sister knitted my nephew (who was around 2 at the time) a really cute fox hat. Let’s just say I got jealous and asked her to make me one too 🙂 Then she made matching gloves that I got for Christmas! I might look like a kid myself wearing these but I love them. Thank you L!
Birch Organic Acorn Linden Birch Organic Acorn LindenMy niece and nephews enjoyed looking at this sweater and made up a story about the girl looking for a treasure in the forest 🙂
LindenThis is yet another Linden that was totally inspired by this version that was featured on Indiesew. The grey is a stretch velour and the purple is a cotton lace. To add the lace i just lined up the the two front pieces (one lace and one velour) and serged them together before assembling everything as usual.
I made the corduroy pants in this picture too but I can’t remember what pattern I used. I think it was the same one as my first pair of jeans. The weird thing about this fabric is that I thought it had stretch in it when I bought it, cut it and sewed it. It was first when the pants where pretty much done that I realised that they weren’t stretchy at all. So these aren’t that comfortable and bag out quite a bit.
Jeans Slim Fit JeansI wanted to add these pictures next to each other because I think they look so funny when compared. Looks like they were made for two different people! Here you can see the extra button I added on the waistband of the stretch jeans.

That’s it for the wrap-up. Good job if you got through this long post 🙂

Is anyone else as behind as me on their blogging? What are you making for the summer?

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Arielle from France goes to Japan

This is another post that should have been made this fall, better late than never?

First off I’d like to admit that I have yet to wear this outfit besides for these photos so I can’t say it’s a wearable combo in my life. With that being said, I still kind of like it as an outfit.
The blouse is the Arielle Blouse from Deer & Doe. I can’t remember now but I must have shortened the sleeves, probably because I can’t stand wearing 3/4 sleeves (I do like rolled up long sleeves though, weird). The fabric is some kind of mystery fabric that I can’t remember buying, it was probably on sale somewhere. It most definitely contains a lot of polyester though since it melted when I ironed it. I am classifying this as a toile since it helped me determine that I really like this pattern, I will most likely make this up again in another fabric. I have a couple nice voiles that could be awesome.

This makes me wonder since I have never heard anyone speak the words toile or voile, do they rhyme?
The pants are made by this Stoff & Stil pattern again. The fabric is a lovely thick Japanese fabric that I love. Unfortunately I think I got the last piece, but it’s a darker version of this or this, this is also similar but with a smaller pattern. The thing about these Japanese fabrics is that they are just as cool on the wrong side as the right. You can see this on the inside of my waistband.
IMG_9268The pocket fabric is also a Japanese fabric, but it’s a thinner quilting cotton weight. Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the right side, oops.IMG_9266IMG_9264These are classified in my closet as special occasion pants as the fabric lacks good recovery, so it’s a wash after wear kind of thing. They are pretty fun to look at though 🙂


4 years old!

IMG_9787Just a quick post today in celebration of this blogs 4 year anniversary! Thank you to every one who has followed me, commented or taken a quick look around!
I am currently working on the above project which I hope to be showing you soon. It reminded me of my second post about a refashion I did. This picture seems to be from a long time ago now and apparently we were having a much warmer spring, I have yet to go sleeveless this year :(.

Here’s to more years to come with more exciting projects!


Coco Puffs

Forgive me for my long absence. I have been much more interested in the creating and sewing parts than that of sharing my makes. I am in the midst of sewing my summer wardrobe (I have already made three bathing suits) and thought I better update the blog with what I have made during winter/spring before I show you those things.

I’m starting out with this Coco I made way back in early fall. I wore it for my nephews birthday party in October and after losing some weight since then it doesn’t fit that great anymore. So it’s kind of old news by now but I still like it a lot so maybe I will get around to taking it in some day.

The pattern is Coco from Tilly and the Buttons; the dress variation with a cowl neckline. This is a really fast and satisfying pattern to make. I have made it up three times now I think and the last time it took 1-2 hours from start to finish. I love how comfy and retro it is too.

I didn’t really know about Ponte de Roma fabric before I bought this pattern and went to Stoff & Stil to find some. After a while I found a bolt of this blue loveliness and it said “Ponte de Roma” on the tag. When I got home and looked at the receipt it was called something else (can’t remember what now) and you can’t find it on their website if you search for Ponte. Strange.

I also got a grey version of the same kind of fabric that I had planned to make a long-sleeved Coco top out of but it randomly resulted in this instead.

In this picture you can see my mistake of putting in the cowl neck wrong, I couldn’t really tell the back from the front I guess and so I ended up with a seam in the front. Luckily, the fabric hides it pretty well.

I love these boots and if anyone is wondering they are from Green Laces.


Underneath it All

I have noticed two big trends in the sewing blog community lately, jeans and bras. I don’t know in what world I would be called trendy but I have been joining in on both trends. I’ll get to the jeans in another post.

I stumbled upon Cloth Habit a few weeks ago and was so amazed at all her lovely lingerie and clothes that I read every post. It was such a happy coincidence that I found it around the time Amy released her first bra pattern. The strange thing is that I hate wearing bras (especially with underwires, ugh) so it was even more awesome to me that The Watson is a soft bra. I realised pretty quickly that I needed a few supplies to get started, and soon after that I found out that there aren’t that many suppliers at all here in Sweden. Then I found B. Wear which seemed like a good fit since I was after a bra kit and some elastics and lace. I placed my order and waited patiently for my delivery to arrive.
I got a limited edition bra kit and a matching panty kit. I just fell in love with this lovely jersey from Strömming Design and thought the retro print would be perfect for the longline version of Watson. I made matching panties too but they were in the wash when i was taking photos (oops). They are really comfy. I haven’t worn the bra much yet but plan on wearing it as lounge wear when the temperature rises.
I’m not a big fan of the hooks and eyes on bras and for my next version I plan on trying to make it work without them. I used the elastics, straps and power mesh from the kit I got and decided to interface the cradle. Luckily I was sewing this at my parents house and my mom had stretch interfacing.
I used a turquoise thread I got from B.Wear too that was supposed be extra fine for lingerie.
This is the first set that I made as a toile. I forgot to buy black lining for the bra and felt that it was necessary in the cups so I used some bathing suit lining that I bought instead. Worked fine!
I wish I hade hidden the seams of the cups in the lining though for a cleaner finish.
This wasn’t the first bra that I have made (if you count bathing suits), and speaking of bathing suits, here is my Soma (Papercut Patterns) bathing suit that I made in like October and never blogged about:
Bras and bikinis are so much fun to sew! I loved the “how did that happen” feeling when I finished the top and all the seams were hidden in the lining. Magic!
IMG_9233 IMG_9234
The problem with the bottoms was that I ran out of lining fabric and had to use two layers of swimsuit fabric. Not a good idea! I will have to make a new pair for the summer. By the way, the green triangles are not in the pattern, I added them to go with the triangle in the top.
Today was finally a sunny weekend day so I could take some pictures of my recent makes at last. I am hoping that I can turn those pictures into more posts real soon. I also have a mini challenge for myself for March that I am hoping will turn out good. Stay tuned.

Have you made a Watson or a Soma?

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I hope you all had a lovely holiday season! We are a week into 2015 so I thought it was about time to sum up 2014.

I am not much for going through the year and rating my creations or pondering over how I did. I also never make any real new years resolutions and usually believe that if I make any promises to myself I am doomed to fail. So instead of doing much of that I thought I would finally post about some of the things that I have been meaning to blog about so I can start fresh for the new year!

First of all, as of about an hour ago, I now have the address: I actually had the website a few years ago too but never connected it to my blog. I also got a dedicated e-mail address for my blog: Feel free to E-mail me (in other words: please, could someone E-mail me? 😉 ).

Lyllos Mig translates to “Lucky Me” from Swedish and I have felt pretty lucky this past month. Let’s get to the recap!

As always, I’m late to the sewing pattern party but about two months ago I found the free Deer & Doe Plantain T-shirt. It is perfect for my body type and I love it so much I’ve made six variations by know. I used the pattern for the bodice of my christmas dress (last post). And here are my first three that I have taken pictures of:

I love the neckline and the sleeves in this version but hate how the bottom hem curls up. I will have to fix that some day.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The fabric in this one is really soft and nice but so thin that I have to be protected underneath. Also I’m really bad at posing, haha.
This is my favorite one because of the lovely fabric and the contrasting elbow patches. They are made of the same fabric as shirt #2 by the way. A tip for sewing on the patches is to use some kind of fabric glue, preferably one that dissolves in the wash.

I celebrated my birthday in December two special ways. The weekend before me and P took the train over to Copenhagen for a fabric shopping trip. I had looked up several stores beforehand but unfortunately we missed some. But searching around the town was part of the fun and we sew much more of the city than I have before. We also went to Tivoli and enjoyed their Christmas wonderland and stayed at the cosiest hotel in town. I don’t have time to link to all the stores now but if you’re planning a trip there I’ll be happy to help you out (send me an E-mail, hehe)
This was at the oldest fabric store in town, I think 225 years old or something. It was like going into a museum and I was almost afraid to touch anything. This was the first store we were in so I was a bit reserved and didn’t buy anything, which I regret now.IMG_0149_2 IMG_0148_2 IMG_0147_2
This was at a store that had fabric stuffed in every nook. I was overwhelmed with all the fabrics but didn’t find anything that I needed to buy.
This was probably the happiest moment of the trip. It was at one of the chain stores (Stof2000) that was being rebuilt and they had a big trunk with vintage jean fabric that cost 49.95 DKK (about 8 USD) a meter. I grabbed four pieces and when I was paying I found out that it was also 70% off so I got them for an awesome price! I wish I had room for more.  IMG_0116_2
This was at another Stof2000 store that was two doors down from the other one. Here I bought some dress fabrics.
This was my cart at Stoff & Stil. They had pretty much the same assortment as the Swedish stores but that didn’t stop me. I got the most there.
I didn’t get a picture of one of the best stores where the nicest danish man you will ever meet worked. He was so into the fabric and telling us all about them that he had to ask me four or five times how many meters I had asked for. This is the loot I came home with although all fabrics are visible. It was an awesome weekend!

The weekend after my birthday I went home to my parents along with one of my sisters for the first annual mother-daughter sewing weekend! It was so much fun to sew together and get great tips from Mom. I sewed the Bruyére shirt from Deer & Doe and Mom helped me so (sew) much with the fitting process. Hopefully I’ll take and post pictures of the final result soon!

A few weeks later it was time for Christmas and I was so excited when it started snowing Christmas Eve! It was a winter wonderland after boring months of rain and wind. I also got to spend some lovely days with my family which is always the best way to spend some free time. IMG_8878 IMG_8885
To summarise the last part of 2014, I have been sewing a lot but blogging too little. Since I have a desk job where I sit in front of a computer screen all day, it has been really relaxing to sew for a few hours when I get home. But since it has been so dark and rainy I haven’t had the opportunity to take pictures of my makes. Hopefully I will get to take pictures soon again!IMG_8742