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Tank Top Dress


Start of by choosing a tank top that fits you well, chose a loose fitting tank if you want the dress looser and tighter if you’d rather have a snug dress.

1. Fold the tank in half, front up, matching the sides together. Place it on pattern paper or cardboard. I used recycled wrapping paper. Trace the outline of the front of the tank. Add seam allowance if you want on the paper or add it later when cutting the fabric. Stop tracing at the bottom of the tank, leaving it open.

2. Put on the tank top and measure from the hem (where you stopped tracing the pattern) down to your ankles where you want the dress hem to hit.
Measure the width you want the hem to be, divide this by two.
Go back to the tracing paper and measure from the hem of the tank to the dress hem, mark this and mark the width. Use a ruler to trace from where you stopped (tank hem) to the bottom hem, tracing at a bit of an angle so you get the right width at the bottom.

3. Cut out the pattern.

4. Repeat step 1 and 2 with the back of the tank. Mark the pattern for later use.

5. Fold the fabric the best way for the pattern/width/length and pin and cut out the fabric. Think about matching together the pattern of the fabric at the sides, especially when using striped fabric.

6. Pin the shoulder together and serge or sew, zig-zag, trim. Do the same with the side seams matching the fabric pattern. No need to pin if you have a steady hand (I hate pinning…)

7. Fold down and pin down the neckline.
Note: If you want you can finish the neckline by just cutting or serging/zig-zagging since using jersey fabric.

8. I finished the neckline with a twin needle and red thread.
Repeat step 7-8 with the arm holes.

9. Cut the hemline straight, I used the lines of the fabric as a guide. I just cut it off but you can finish it the however you want, (maybe with a bit of lace).

Put on and frolic on the beach 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tank Top Dress

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  2. I’ve been looking for something just like this. Thanks for sharing your work!

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