Growing in sewing

Sweatshirt Gloves


Trace your hand on a piece of paper.


Add your choice of seam allowance, I used about 1 cm.


Cut out your pattern and pin it onto two or four layers of fabric depending on thickness. Cut out.


For the application: Draw your pattern onto an Iron-on adhesive (I used Heat’n Bond light). Remember that the final result will be mirrored.


Iron on the tracing on the fabric you are using for the application.


Cut out your application and iron on again on your gloves.


Hand or machine stich the application in place.


Pin together your gloves, wrong sides together (the picture is misleading..)


Sew together along the edge of the gloves using a sturdy and decorative seam. Cut off any excess fabric.


Sew together ribbing if you do not have ready made cuff pieces. Place your ribbing around the glove opening and sew together while stretching the ribbing. Zick-zack or serge the edge if you like.


2 thoughts on “Sweatshirt Gloves

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  2. Very nice!! You are full of good ideas:)

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