Growing in sewing

Sliding Gift Box Tutorial

You will need:
Decorative thick paper,  I used paper från
Panduro that is 30 x 30 cm (try to match the theme of the gift)
Paper glue
Small clothespins or hairpins
Ruler, roller knife and cutting mat (or scissors)

Start by placing the card or present in the middle to determine the size the base should be.

Measure 1/2 cm or so from the edge of the card and use the ruler to fold and make a crease. Remove the ruler and fold the paper completely and use a finger nail to make a crisp edge.

Repeat this step around all four sides.

Decide what height you want from the box and fold down two sides to that measurement.

If you are making a rectangular box and using square paper like I did you will need to trim down the two shorter sides. Measure from the crease two times the height you did on the other sides. Fold down these sides too.

On the shorter sides, cut along the inside crease all the way to the middle as shown above.

Trim down the “flaps”.

Glue down the long sides of the box.

Glue the flaps and attach to the short sides of the box.

Hold in place for a while so the glue sticks.

Glue down the last sides.

Attach small clothespins or hair pins to hold the sides in place while the glue dries.

Take another piece of paper and place the box on top. Measure and cut so the paper is just a bit longer than the length of the box. Be aware of the pattern of the paper so you don’t cut out a part you want for the top.

Using the box as measurement, make a crease a few millimeters from the long edge of the box.

Make folds all the way around so the paper wraps the box making sure to add a few millimeters so the box will fit inside.

You should have a bit of paper left at the end to attach to the top. Glue this together.

Pin together and let dry.

Put the card or gift inside the box and slide together, add a ribbon or bow if you like. Done!

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