Growing in sewing

2 become 1 tutorial

Start out with two big T-shirts, the bigger the better!

Cut straight across the shirt from one armpit to the other.

Cut the bottom part into two parts (or more if you want more stripes). I tried to make them about the same height as the top part of the shirt for symmetry. Do this to both T-shirts.Take one of the pieces and pin it onto the top piece, right sides together. Sew all around.

Iron down the seam towards the bottom of the shirt.

Do the same with the bottom part. If you like you can keep the bottom hem, I cut it off because I messed up here but I ended up liking the cut-off look better so it worked out.

I did these steps to both shirts. I started out wanting the green on top and then changed my mind and wanted gray on top. You can make it easy on yourself and just sew together the bottom two pieces of one of the shirts.

Cut off one of the sides of the “sleeve shirt” so it’s straight. I lined up the bottom part of the ruler to the bottom of the shirt.

Measure how wide the opening of the sleaves are (at the hem), take that measurement x 2. This is how wide a rectangle you cut out from the “sleeve shirt”. Measure the height by trying on the shirt and measuring from the hem of the short sleeve to where you want the new hem to be.

Cut off the hem of the old sleeve straight across by the seam.

Sew the rectangle onto the short sleeve with the opening being where the seam on the sleeve is.

Lay a well fitting shirt on top and trace the sides, armpits and sleeves. (This is a big T to fitted T striped shirt I made and painted a few weeks ago)

Measure how tight you want the sleeve by your wrist and taper down the sleeve. This was easy to do with a quilting ruler.

Sew following the lines and cut off the excess fabric.

Cut out your new neckline as low or high as you like (or keep the original).

Cut the ribbing close to the seam to make a new thinner ribbing.

Match the seams of the neckline and ribbing and start sewing where they meet. (This is not the case in the picture FYI). Sew around the neckline while pulling the ribbing to stretch it out.


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