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Summer Challenge Roundup

IMG_0094.JPGThere are only a few more days in August and I guess that means that the summer is more or left over for this year which also means that it is about time I finish my Summer Wardrobe Challenge. It was pretty much over a month and a half ago when I started my vacation and I took these pictures right before but then I went into vacation mode which meant I couldn’t allow myself to blog, I am very sorry for the delay, mostly for myself since I kind of let myself down, the main purpose  for the challenge was so I would sew and blog more than usual. At least I sewed more and I got some cool summer clothes out of it! Let me go through the last few pieces of my summer wardrobe.

Race You Back Top – I’ve had this jersey fabric for a year or so and couldn’t really figure out what to sew out of it, finally I figured I would try sewing this tank top from a recent Burda Style magazine. It was really easy to sew but I changed it up a bit at the neckline and armholes. I made the back black because this fabric is really loud.

IMG_0623.JPGI can’t  remember which one of these tops I made first, but for this one I just used a simple T-shirt pattern. For the back I used a big XXL T-Shirt I had in my stash. I regret the choice thought because I feel like a clown when I wear it, in other words: I don’t wear it out of my house.


Right before my vacation started I went to my closest fabric oasis (Stof & Stil) and spent the afternoon looking at just about every bolt of fabric and buying quite a lot for my planned projects. When I sew this fabric I had no idea what I would do with it since it’s such a different quality from what I usually get (I can’t tell you what it’s called) but I new I had to have it. None of the other fabrics spoke to me the same way. It wasn’t long after I came home that I saw the Delphine skirt in Love at First Stitch and I just started sewing. This fabric needed a lining both because it is kind of see-through and because it is kind of rough against the skin. Luckily for me, Tilly had just posted this tutorial on how to add a lining, awesome! As I pretty much always do I didn’t measure enough before choosing my size so the skirt ended up being really big, luckily I realised this before I added the waistband so I just took out a few inches in the side seams, although the front ended up being bigger than the back (as you can see in the back photo). I made an attempt at the invisible zipper (in case you didn’t know, I despise zippers) but gave up pretty quickly when I realised that I didn’t have an invisible zipper foot (now I do though, thanks Mom!). I swear that some day I will sit down and really learn all I need about zippers. Maybe I’ll learn to love them like I have with dress shirts and buttonholes.

I haven’t worn this skirt yet but I think it will look good later in the fall with some tights and boots and a cozy sweater (SUMMER Challenge fail by the way, oh well). IMG_0621.JPGAnd finally my favorite piece from my whole “collection”, my “A-Team Skirt” (it’s kind of an A-line skirt, okay?). When I say favorite I don’t mean to wear unfortunately but it was so much fun to design and sew! I was going to make a whole tutorial and take some cool pictures of me actually wearing it, but that didn’t really work out, instead these wrinkly pictures will be all for now. If anyone is interested in the tutorial, leave me a comment and I’ll put it up.

It is a wrap skirt but instead of long ties I decided to add three buttons on each side so the fit is adjustable. I was planning on ties but didn’t have enough fabric so a new idea that I liked even better came about (I love when that happens!). I found the jean fabric in my grandmothers attic when we were cleaning out after she died. I have no idea how old it it but I would guess it is from the seventies, that’s why I went with a retro styled skirt. I’ve been scared to use it (and ruin it) ever since and am pleased that I finally did it and that I like the result. The buttons are vintage too, I got them from P’s Mom (along with like a thousand more, so nice!).


I had this idea with this Summer Challenge that I would just post photos of the clothes at first and then take lots of fun vacation pictures with me wearing the clothes, but this too did not work out at the end (a big part of this was that I lived in bikinis for the first couple of weeks). I pretty much only got this picture of me wearing my first Lorraine top (this is my favorite piece to wear, definitely). In this picture I am crossing a railway to get to the docks where the ferry to Bornholm, Denmark was. We had an awesome weekend trip there.

So sorry to you my readers, and to myself for not doing a better job with this challenge. But I think I learned some things and hopefully plan ahead better next time. I’ve already started sewing for my fall wardrobe which will hopefully be fun. So goodbye to you lovely summer and see you next time.

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Lorraine Again

20140709-202801.jpg I made another Lorraine top. This time I made it out of a patterned cotton fabric from Panduro Hobby. The result was pretty different from the first one, this one has more of a retro feel. I made a matching belt to shape it a bit. I’m thinking about making a dress out of the pattern next.20140709-202812.jpg


One Night Skirt


My next project for my summer challenge is a jersey maxi skirt. I originally planned to make a dress out of this fabric but decided that it would be more versatile with a skirt. I made it in a few hours.

I started out with about 1.5 meters of fabric. I began by cutting out a few stripes worth of fabric for the waistband. Then I cut the rest of the fabric in half, gathered the top of both pieces and sewed them together at the side seams. Then I measured out my waist with the waistband fabric, folded that in half lengthwise and sewed it onto the skirt, leaving a bit open for elastic. I didn’t have enough elastic for the entire waist so I just added it to the back, sewing it into the waistband.

I was pretty pleased with my sewing but then I put it on… and realized that it didn’t suit my body type at all. Lesson learned hopefully. I will probably make it into a dress like I originally planned, luckily most of the fabric is in tact. Until then I’m wearing it at home instead of cozy pants 🙂

Since I didn’t get a lot of good pictures of this project I’ll leave you with a look at part of my balcony garden. It’s almost time to harvest the first sugar snap pea!


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The Once in a Lifetime Blouse


This blouse took me a few weeks (maybe even a month) to finish. I could probably have finished it on a weekend if I would have persevered. I made it from this Burda pattern in a lovely chambray fabric, it was in last months European Burda Style. The problem was mostly with the collar/V-neck part. I had a really hard time understanding the instructions, it might have something to do with the translation from German to Swedish. Luckily my Mom was coming to visit anyway so I got her expertise which helped a lot. After all the hard work I had put in I was just a bit disappointed when I finally put on the finished garment. I don’t know what I was expecting… maybe I was secretly wishing for a choir to come in and sing “Hallelujah”. Well, that didn’t happen, but I know have a blouse I can proudly say I made (if anyone ever asks).Processed with Moldiv

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Handmade Summer Wardrobe Challenge

I’ve been in a sewing and blogging rutt lately as you might have noticed. On the other hand I have been inspired to sew but have had a hard time actually getting to work with it. So I thought to myself that i should do a challenge to motivate myself.

For the last couple of summers I have been thinking that it would be really nice to pack my vacation bag with mostly handmade clothes, so that is what my challenge will be. My goal is to blog at least once a week (hopefully more) until my vacation starts on July 19th.

I have already bought some fabric and made some sketches (below). I am planning to do some projects from bought patterns, make some myself and do a couple of redesigns. It’s starting to feel a bit ambitious now… but that’s what challenges are about 🙂

What are your summer sewing plans?



Tooth Kit


I’m away at my first ever overnight business trip. Last weekend I was being lazy but wanted something to do while I was laying on the couch, so I hand sewed this little bag for my toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash and floss. The inside fabric is laminated, found here. I think it turned out really cute and practical. What do you think?

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Happy Holidays


Christmas has come and gone and I have been spending time with family and friends in my hometown. When I go back home next week my plan is to spend a lot of time in my sewing room, hopefully resulting in some posts. I have been sewing a lot of tops recently but it’s hard to take good pictures when it’s dark outside almost all day long.

For now I thought I’d show you some homemade christmas gifts I made. The above picture is of a christmas present I made for myself, a pyjama top for christmas morning to go with my Mickey Mouse christmas pants I’ve had for over 15 years. I saw a T-Shirt football jersey on a tv-show recently and thought that it would be fun to make one. Then I added an iron-on glittery 24 to it (we mostly celebrate Christmas Eve here in Sweden). Leave a comment if you would like a tutorial for this T-Shirt.


I made this iPad Case for my mom in the same design as mine that’s shown here.


These little ties are made out of stretchy denim for my two nephews. I don’t know if they will use them but at least my 1 year old nephew tried to put it on his head. I used this great tutorial from “the Sewing Rabbit” (I just taped together the front pieces since I made them single colored). 20131227-194242.jpg

I made this Gym Bag for my five-year old niece for her soccer and swimming clothes. I lined the bottom part in a waterproof fabric in case the clothes will be wet. I can make a tutorial for this too if anyone is interested.

Happy Holidays!


Raglan Love #3


I got the pattern for this top from the Swedish book Sy! Från hood till skjortklänning from the designer Jenny Hellström Ruas. It is basically a short sleeved raglan with a wider and longer back piece. I used a patterned fabric for the front and a soft light-weight jersey for the sleeves and back. I added a ribbed neckline and hand sewed the hem and sleeves. The fit is really loose and flowy and I love how it is comfy but still a bit fancy.

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Raglan Love #2

IMG_0465This green top was made with the same pattern as Raglan Love #1. I made it with long sleeves and used the same fabric to add a ribbed neckline and cuffs. I also added a little pocket to the bottom side that I handsewed in place. The green jersey fabric was also a bargain find and is super soft and comfy.


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Raglan Love #1

IMG_0469My go-to shirt pattern when I find a nice jersey knit is the Raglan pattern. With only three pattern pieces and so few seams it is really quick to whip up in around an hour. With different fabric combinations and altercations you can make various unique garments. In three posts I’ll show you some of the shirts I’ve made recently.

My go to raglan pattern is from the book Sew U Home Stretch, a really great book that has tips and tricks for sewing with knit fabrics and it includes patterns that you can alter endlessly.

I found this light weight red and white striped jersey on sale a few years ago. I decided to make it into a casual raglan top. There are no hems, I just cut out the neckline and made the sleeves 3/4 length to be rolled up. Really simple and comfortable.