Growing in sewing

4 years old!


IMG_9787Just a quick post today in celebration of this blogs 4 year anniversary! Thank you to every one who has followed me, commented or taken a quick look around!
I am currently working on the above project which I hope to be showing you soon. It reminded me of my second post about a refashion I did. This picture seems to be from a long time ago now and apparently we were having a much warmer spring, I have yet to go sleeveless this year :(.

Here’s to more years to come with more exciting projects!

Author: LyllosMig

I love to be creative, especially to sew, finding new patterns and fabrics is always rewarding and fun. I've grown up with the craft, my mother is a quilt-shop owner and her love for sewing has rubbed off on me.

2 thoughts on “4 years old!

  1. Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!
    I hope you will keep on sewing and writing for a long time to come:)

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