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I hope you all had a lovely holiday season! We are a week into 2015 so I thought it was about time to sum up 2014.

I am not much for going through the year and rating my creations or pondering over how I did. I also never make any real new years resolutions and usually believe that if I make any promises to myself I am doomed to fail. So instead of doing much of that I thought I would finally post about some of the things that I have been meaning to blog about so I can start fresh for the new year!

First of all, as of about an hour ago, I now have the address: I actually had the website a few years ago too but never connected it to my blog. I also got a dedicated e-mail address for my blog: Feel free to E-mail me (in other words: please, could someone E-mail me? ūüėČ ).

Lyllos Mig¬†translates to¬†“Lucky Me” from Swedish and I have felt pretty lucky this past month. Let’s get to the recap!

As always, I’m late to the sewing pattern party but about two months ago I found the free¬†Deer & Doe Plantain¬†T-shirt. It is perfect for my body type and I love it so much I’ve made six variations by know. I used the pattern for the bodice of my christmas dress (last post). And here¬†are my first three that I have taken¬†pictures of:

I love the neckline and the sleeves in this version but hate how the bottom hem curls up. I will have to fix that some day.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The fabric in this one is really soft and nice but so thin that I have to be protected underneath. Also I’m really bad at posing, haha.
This is my favorite one because of the lovely fabric and the contrasting elbow patches. They are made of the same fabric as shirt #2 by the way. A tip for sewing on the patches is to use some kind of fabric glue, preferably one that dissolves in the wash.

I celebrated my birthday in December two special ways. The weekend before me and P took the train over to Copenhagen for a fabric shopping trip. I had looked up several stores beforehand but unfortunately we missed some. But searching around the town was part of the fun and we sew much more of the city than I have before. We also went to Tivoli and enjoyed¬†their Christmas wonderland and stayed at the cosiest hotel in town. I don’t have time to link to all the stores now but if you’re planning a trip there I’ll be happy to help you out (send me an E-mail, hehe)
This was at the oldest fabric store in town, I think 225 years old or something. It was like going into a museum and I was almost afraid to touch anything. This was the first store we were in so I was a bit reserved and didn’t buy anything, which I regret now.IMG_0149_2 IMG_0148_2 IMG_0147_2
This was at a store that had fabric stuffed in every nook. I was overwhelmed with all the fabrics but didn’t find anything that I needed to buy.
This was probably the happiest moment of the trip. It was at one of the chain stores (Stof2000) that was being rebuilt and they had a big trunk with vintage jean fabric that cost 49.95 DKK (about 8 USD) a meter. I grabbed four pieces and when I was paying I found out that it was also 70% off so I got them for an awesome price! I wish I had room for more.  IMG_0116_2
This was at another Stof2000 store that was two doors down from the other one. Here I bought some dress fabrics.
This was my cart at Stoff & Stil. They had pretty much the same assortment as the Swedish stores but that didn’t stop me. I got the most there.
I didn’t get a picture of one of the best stores where the nicest danish man you will ever meet worked. He was so into the fabric and telling us all about them that he had to ask me four or five times how many meters I had asked for. This is the loot I came home with although all fabrics are visible. It was an awesome weekend!

The weekend after my birthday I went home to my parents along with one of my sisters for the first annual mother-daughter sewing weekend! It was so much fun to sew together and get great tips from Mom. I sewed the Bruy√©re shirt from Deer & Doe and Mom helped me so (sew) much with the fitting process. Hopefully I’ll take and post pictures of the final result soon!

A few weeks later it was time for Christmas and I was so excited when it started snowing Christmas Eve! It was a winter wonderland after boring months of rain and wind. I also got to spend some lovely days with my family which is always the best way to spend some free time. IMG_8878 IMG_8885
To summarise the last part of 2014, I have been sewing a lot but blogging too little. Since I have a desk job where I sit in front of a computer screen all day, it has been really relaxing to sew for a few hours when I get home. But since it has been so dark and rainy I haven’t had the opportunity to take pictures of my makes. Hopefully I will get to take pictures soon again!IMG_8742