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One Night Skirt



My next project for my summer challenge is a jersey maxi skirt. I originally planned to make a dress out of this fabric but decided that it would be more versatile with a skirt. I made it in a few hours.

I started out with about 1.5 meters of fabric. I began by cutting out a few stripes worth of fabric for the waistband. Then I cut the rest of the fabric in half, gathered the top of both pieces and sewed them together at the side seams. Then I measured out my waist with the waistband fabric, folded that in half lengthwise and sewed it onto the skirt, leaving a bit open for elastic. I didn’t have enough elastic for the entire waist so I just added it to the back, sewing it into the waistband.

I was pretty pleased with my sewing but then I put it on… and realized that it didn’t suit my body type at all. Lesson learned hopefully. I will probably make it into a dress like I originally planned, luckily most of the fabric is in tact. Until then I’m wearing it at home instead of cozy pants 🙂

Since I didn’t get a lot of good pictures of this project I’ll leave you with a look at part of my balcony garden. It’s almost time to harvest the first sugar snap pea!


Author: LyllosMig

I love to be creative, especially to sew, finding new patterns and fabrics is always rewarding and fun. I've grown up with the craft, my mother is a quilt-shop owner and her love for sewing has rubbed off on me.

2 thoughts on “One Night Skirt

  1. Nice:) Maybe you can just put two strips at the top front to back and you have yourself a sundress:)

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