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Happy Holidays

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Christmas has come and gone and I have been spending time with family and friends in my hometown. When I go back home next week my plan is to spend a lot of time in my sewing room, hopefully resulting in some posts. I have been sewing a lot of tops recently but it’s hard to take good pictures when it’s dark outside almost all day long.

For now I thought I’d show you some homemade christmas gifts I made. The above picture is of a christmas present I made for myself, a pyjama top for christmas morning to go with my Mickey Mouse christmas pants I’ve had for over 15 years. I saw a T-Shirt football jersey on a tv-show recently and thought that it would be fun to make one. Then I added an iron-on glittery 24 to it (we mostly celebrate Christmas Eve here in Sweden). Leave a comment if you would like a tutorial for this T-Shirt.


I made this iPad Case for my mom in the same design as mine that’s shown here.


These little ties are made out of stretchy denim for my two nephews. I don’t know if they will use them but at least my 1 year old nephew tried to put it on his head. I used this great tutorial from “the Sewing Rabbit” (I just taped together the front pieces since I made them single colored). 20131227-194242.jpg

I made this Gym Bag for my five-year old niece for her soccer and swimming clothes. I lined the bottom part in a waterproof fabric in case the clothes will be wet. I can make a tutorial for this too if anyone is interested.

Happy Holidays!

Author: LyllosMig

I love to be creative, especially to sew, finding new patterns and fabrics is always rewarding and fun. I've grown up with the craft, my mother is a quilt-shop owner and her love for sewing has rubbed off on me.

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