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Raglan Love #1

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IMG_0469My go-to shirt pattern when I find a nice jersey knit is the Raglan pattern. With only three pattern pieces and so few seams it is really quick to whip up in around an hour. With different fabric combinations and altercations you can make various unique garments. In three posts I’ll show you some of the shirts I’ve made recently.

My go to raglan pattern is from the book Sew U Home Stretch, a really great book that has tips and tricks for sewing with knit fabrics and it includes patterns that you can alter endlessly.

I found this light weight red and white striped jersey on sale a few years ago. I decided to make it into a casual raglan top. There are no hems, I just cut out the neckline and made the sleeves 3/4 length to be rolled up. Really simple and comfortable.

Author: LyllosMig

I love to be creative, especially to sew, finding new patterns and fabrics is always rewarding and fun. I've grown up with the craft, my mother is a quilt-shop owner and her love for sewing has rubbed off on me.

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